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Why we carry the brands we do?

What's in the pet food you are feeding? 

This is what I've been asking people all over the Charleston Tri-County area. We have been told over the last several years to start reading our food labels at the grocery store. It has become second nature to most of us.

Have you ever read the label of the pet food you buy? My guess is no.

Most people haven't. Why? The reason is simple, marketing. The marketing in the pet food industry leads us to believe there is no reason to read the label. The bag has pretty pictures of real food, it is colorful and provides lots of power words such as "natural" "wholesome" "complete balanced diet"  Do you watch your carbohydrate intake? Do you watch the carbohydrate intake of your pets? They don't even have carbs listed on the bag. You have to do the match yourself. The formula is simple but why isn't it just listed on the bag? The reason is simple. The consumer would be shocked at the number and may decide to look at another brand. It is not uncommon to have carbohydrate levels between 40-55%. Would you eat a hamburger and a potato the size of a hamburger every day twice a day? Would you eat 40-55% carbohydrates for every meal of every day? If you did how healthy do you think you'd be? Kibble is convenient and affordable and most of us don't have time to cook for our pets, myself included. I did that for awhile when Sophie had cancer but the other dogs were still fed kibble. Not all kibble is bad and not all kibble is created equally. 

We only sell brands that we would feed to our own pets. I will leave you with the challenge of reading your pet food label. 

If you need help choosing a food for your pet please reach out to us. We love to talk about our foods and your pets and are happy to help you find just the right food for your pet and your budget. 

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